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Brown Sugar Milk Tea Recipe


Brown Sugar Milk Tea also called Brown Sugar Latte has become one of the favorites in the last year/s. Originally from Taichung Taiwan but is widely introduced in The Alley LuJiaoXiang stores, brown sugar syrup is the main ingredient of this drink. This syrup is made from real brown sugar and caramel syrup giving the consumer the sugar fix at the same time sparking nostalgic flavors of traditional desserts from all over Asia.

We are making 500ml brown sugar milk tea drinks using brown sugar syrup 


  • Cocktail shaker (for mixing/ shaking)
  • Jigger (for measurement)
  • Mug or Cup (for brewing the tea) and mixing the drinks
  • Glass or Plastic Cup (for making and enjoying your cold milk tea drinks)


  • 80ml of brown sugar syrup 
  • 200ml of fresh milk
  • 50ml of newly boiled water
  • 50ml cold brewed tea (from tea bags) – black tea works best (assam, earl grey or oolong) – THIS IS OPTIONAL
  • Ice cubes (1/3 of the shaker cup)

STEP 1. OPTIONAL ONLY. BREW THE TEA. Simply place the tea bag into a tea cup with 200ml newly boiled water (100 C). The tea should sink into the bottom of the cup. Brew for 10 minutes. Refrigerate before using. (Note that we are going to use 50ml of this brewed tea)

STEP 2.  Inside the MUG add 50ml of brown sugar syrup then add 50ml newly boiled water. Melt the syrup until all are diluted.

STEP 3. Add the ice cubes, 100ml fresh milk and 50ml of cold tea.

STEP 4. Mix Well.

STEP 5.  Decorate the glass with the 30ml of thick brown sugar syrup

STEP 6. Pour the drink mixed into the cup/glass and enjoy with your favorite toppings.

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