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How to Prepare Delicious Soft Pudding For Your Milk Tea Drink


We make pudding for your bubble tea very easy for you. Our pudding powder mixes make authentic pudding desserts you will really enjoy – you can make it soft or hard based on your preference. You can choose to simply use water to prepare the pudding but using milk add extra creaminess on the pudding dessert. The same recipe applies for mango, egg, milk pudding, Matcha, taro or chocolate pudding.

Cooking time is generally about 10 minutes to achieve the best result.


  • 18cm pan (for heating up water or milk)
  • Whisk for mixing

INGREDIENTS: (Pls increase the proportion accordingly)

STEP 1: Simmer water (or milk) – VERY LOW FIRE – DO NOT BOIL

STEP 2: Add pudding powder (mix well to dissolve all powder)

STEP 3: Stop the fire immediately once the water boils

STEP 4:  Transfer to pudding mould and cool down

STEP 5: Refrigerate for atleast 1 hour

STEP 6:  Enjoy

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