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Royal Pearl Milk Tea Recipe


Royal Pearl Milk Tea has a few variations depending on what bubble tea shop is selling it. But the key characteristic is strong tea black tea flavour. Royal Pearl Milk Tea can be Oolong Tea or Assam Tea based. On this recipe we are preparing Assam (but feel free to replace all the mention of Assam to Oolong if your preference is Oolong)

We are making 500ml royal pearl milk using assam powder mixes.  Important to use proper tools. We are using a cocktail shaker or protein shaker for mixing,


  • Cocktail shaker (for mixing/ shaking)
  • Powder Spoon (for measurement)
  • Mug or Cup (for brewing the tea)
  • Glass or Plastic Cup (for making and enjoying your cold milk tea drinks)


STEP 1. BREW THE TEA. Simply place the tea bag into a tea cup with 200ml newly boiled water (100 C). The tea should sink into the bottom of the cup. Brew for 10 minutes. Refrigerate before using. (Note that we are going to use 150ml of this brewed tea)

STEP 2.  Inside the cocktail shaker add 3 spoons of Assam powder mix and 1 spoon of nondairy milk. Add 100ml newly boiled water and melt the powder mixes until all are diluted.

STEP 3. Add the ice cubes, fructose and 150ml of cold tea.

STEP 4. Shake well for 1 minute

STEP 5.  Pour into the cup/glass and enjoy with your favorite toppings.

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