Instant Tapioca Pearl, 50g bag


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Instant Tapioca Pearls, Black Brown Sugar Flavour, 50g bag


a.  Before placing in the microwave, separate (squeeze) each of the tapioca balls in the packet

b. Make a small cut on the bag. (Better to make it as small as possible for even microwave cooking)

(Warning: the bag might explode inside the microwave if there is no opening on the bag)

c. Place on a small bowl

d. Microwave for 40sec (on high power)

e. Let it cool down for 2minutes.

WARNING: The bag will be VERY hot after cooking in the microwave

f.  Make a big cut on the bag and spoon out from the bag and place in the bowl

g. Add sugar and some water

h. Enjoy on its own or use on favorite bubble tea drinks (hot or cold)

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